This is the first time that Alberto Rodríguez and his trusty scriptwriter Rafael Cobos will be working side by side on a TV project. They have previously worked on films such as: MarshlandUnit 7After7 Virgins, and more recently on El Hombre de las Mil Caras. Preparations for the series will take place all through the year, with shooting set to start in late 2016.

La Peste, a production by José Antonio Félez for Movistar+, will comprise six 45 minute episodes. This fictional thriller is set in 16th century Seville during the outbreak of the plague (hence the title of the series, meaning The Plague), which hit one of the most important and wealthiest cities of that time, leading it into decline.

“We aim to make a series that is interesting not just because of the story we tell, with its plot and characters, but also as a reflection of life during that era, with its traditions and morals. We want to give viewers some insight into everyday life in 16th century Seville. We feel so lucky that Movistar+ has given us the opportunity to take on such an exciting project. The whole team will be giving our all in an effort to respond to the trust they have placed in us and achieve a result that is worthy of everyone’s hard work.” (José Antonio Félez).

La Peste is based on an original idea by Alberto Rodríguez with a screenplay by Rafael Cobos (Winner of the Goya Award for Best Screenplay in Marshland). Backing the director will be his usual team of technicians, all of whom are great professionals with brilliant careers in film-making, as acknowledged by a number of Goya Awards. The team includes Alex Catalán (Director of Photography); Pepe Domínguez (Artistic Director); Fernando García (Costume Design); Yolanda Piña (Makeup and Hairstyling), Juan Ventura (Digital Effects Coordinator), Julio de la Rosa (Music) and Manuela Ocón (Production Director).

In the words of Alberto Rodríguez: “La Peste is a story about detectives, but deep down it touches on the conflicts linked to power, politics, religion and other issues from a long-distant era, which can nonetheless be applied to the present day. Some problems stay with us forever because they are bound to human nature.”

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