Experts in communication and promotion in cultural and artistic industries

Our work consists in designing, developing and implementing global communication plans in order to produce sound, enduring strategies with which to associate and identify a given cultural product from its inception to its release.


Global strategic campaign

  • Designing a strategic communication campaign.
  • Presenting a list of goals to be met and an overall schedule.
  • Preparing and carrying out the communication and PR plan.

Creating informative content

  • Writing announcements and press releases, coming up with, creating and dealing with journalistic content.


Organising the communication plan during filming

  • Interviews, press conferences, visits, material, informative emails, press releases.
  • Studying the best procedure according to each project.

Managing the press kit and other material

  • Providing guidance and preparing content for the press kit.
  • Supervising promotional products.

Guidance, management and distribution of graphic and audiovisual content for the media

  • Special features, teasers, trailers, pictures, posters and audiovisual clips.
  • Approvals, photo selection, exclusive or widespread disclosure.

Organising communication in preparation for release

  • Special and general press passes, premiere programmes, press conferences, photocalls.

Arranging interviews. Media presence. Exclusives. Partners

  • Organising press viewings, arranging meetings and media presence, and negotiating exclusives.
  • Devising and recommending ideal communication options with the partners involved in the project.

National and international festivals

  • Taking care of logistics in conjunction with the event organisers. Programmes and work schedules. Organising press passes.
  • Dealing with the media and attending the event to support the team at all times.

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Managing international projects

  • Mediating with producers, international sales agents and international publicists for festivals.
  • Communicating with publicists and the talent’s agents to arrange the required approvals and logistics for their presence and involvement in the various promotion stages.
  • Negotiating with agents and coordinating the media plan: presence on TV and radio shows and dealing with media on the red carpet.
  • Coordinating the agents involved in the talent’s presence at festivals and attention from Spanish media at the festival.
  • Taking care of talents during their presence in Spain and coordinating their promotional activities and needs: interviews, press conferences, photocalls and premieres.

Special initiatives

  • Formulating special and specific actions geared towards the film’s target audience: bloggers, presentations on alternative platforms, initiatives with universities and specialised schools.

Managing social networks

  • Guidance on dealing with social networks. Presence on the net, defining strategies, choosing and using digital tools with a view to achieving the communication goals set.



Developing and implementing communication strategies to exponentially increase media visibility, tying in quality with media awareness.

Lending advice in terms of image and placement.
Creating strategic campaigns in the media that are dynamic and customised for a broad array of artists: actors, authors, musicians and more.
Organising and arranging meetings and media appearances, and negotiating exclusives.
Designing and managing online communication.
Monitoring the information published in the various media.
Lending advice on choosing pictures for the media, both for special sessions and promotional material for each project.